Amish American Cheese

I got this recipe from some Amish sisters. I have never seen this recipe anywhere else, but i have liked it so much and it is so quick to make that i have made this for over 45 years.

This cheese is one I do when I have older milk saved for butter making. I pour off the cream to make butter, then make this with the remaining milk; you can’t really call it skim anymore because it is still about 2-4%.

2 1/2 gallons of milk

2 cups white vinegar

3 tsp baking soda

3 tsp salt

2 Tb butter

1/2 c sweet cream

cheese powder (optional)

Heat 2.5 gallons of milk to 128 degrees F. Slowly pour in the 2 cups white vinegar while stirring constantly until all the vinegar is added. This you want to add slowly to curdle the milk. Cover and let sit for 1 hour. Drain well in a butter muslin lined colander and then add and really work in well 3 teaspoons of baking soda and 2 tsp of salt or to taste. Let sit for 1/2 hour. Work the curds into small pieces using your hands, gloved.

Melt 2 Tbl of butter in a very large sauce pan. Add the cream and wisk together slowly adding your pieces of cheese to melt them all into one smooth sauce. Cheese powder may be added to get a rich orange color.

Pour into bread pans lined with wrap and refrigerate. When cool it will form a solid lump of cheese or two lumps using smaller pans. You can wrap in waxed wrap covered in butter to slice easier. Use a cheese wire to cut, a knife will just make a mess.

I like to make this when I am making mac and cheese. I make a gluten free mac and three cheeses, put in small paper bowls and then inside a freezer bag and freeze in individual size  containers. The three cheese I use are this American to make the mac and cheese and cheddar and jack to top with. If I have parmesan I will add that as well. I make a big pan for the freezer for gift giving for new moms or sick friends; also comes in handy when I am under the weather and the girls can put in the oven and make dinner for me.

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