Breakfast Sausage

We have been harvesting our own pork for over 40 years. One thing i have learned, NEVER let the butcher make your sausage and freeze it. Instead, ask for ground pork and make your own sausage. Thaw out your frozen pound of pork, and then mix your seasonings in the night before you will be using them.

This recipe I got from an Amish cookbook. I won’t use measurements as you will adjust them until they are just right for YOUR family.

brown sugar, salt and pepper. Yep, that is all but makes the best sausage ever!

You will want to cook slowly and thoroughly. I prefer to cook in the oven on a baking sheet. The sugar content makes them very sticky. We use VERY little sugar so to a pound of pork i add only a couple of heaping tablespoons of brown sugar, your family might prefer 1/2 cup.

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