Cottage Cheese Dusty’s Whey

There are as many recipes for cottage cheese as there are Amish families. LOL. Each one is unique, the clabbered varieties have a bit of a “fizziness” to them i do not care for. They also do not work well when you make a lot of bread. I hate the kefir types. I like to make mine quickly and usually an done in a couple of hours. I use 2 gallons of milk and I like the Formage Blanc culture, let it set for 1/2 hour then add two drops of vegetable rennet (not as strong as the animal) I let that sit until it has a nice clean break. I bought a cheese curd cutter i love, takes 5 seconds to cut the curd, rest 5 minutes. May take longer, you are looking for a good “seal” on your curds, they will be shiny yet if you place them between your fingers and press there will be a slight resistance, not a splat. I hate that it sounds so suspenseful, you don’t’ want to leave it so long it sours. I go by smell if you want to know the truth LOL. IT smells delishessness like you just have to try it! Gently remove the curds to a clean and sterile cheese cloth, let hang until it is the consistency you want, two to 8 hours. Some like to hang til dry then add cream, which is what i like

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