Guernsey Girls

I added Guernsey to our dairy for two reasons: I wanted to increase the amount of carotene in our milk and I wanted to help save an ancient breed that is almost extinct in the US now.

Flambeau Manor Lady’s Man


Lady’s Man is the first Guernsey we used on our Penny cow. Penny has always produced polled calves for us and Nickel is no exception. Penny’s calves also have lovely dispositions, very friendly and gentle. Nickel has the best udder I have ever seen to milk, hand or machine.

We had no idea that polled Guernsey’s were almost unheard of, so we registered CFF Lady’s Man Nickel-P with the American Guernsey Association. Her granddaughters will qualify for full registration. We have only seen 4 polled Guernsey sires with semen available in the US.


Peony is Nickel’s first calf out of Brogdan, one of the world’s best known sires.

Brogdan is a high milk production sire. Nickel is milking just under 4 gallons a day in her first few days, first lactation.

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