How to Join the Herdshare

We are a community of members who have joined together to give us access to farm fresh milk, eggs, meat etc. Think of it as 100 families working together and buying a small herd of healthy, happy cows and 50 acres of native pasture. Some members come to the farm daily and brush, milk and care for the cows, calves and other livestock. Some members are delivery points for your milk. Some members drive out to the farm once a week to pick up their farm fresh food, eggs and milk!

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Cow care and board feeds in proportion to the amount of milk desired. These fees collected bi-annually or every three months: This is the board, feed, vet bills, and the cost to pay an independent members to milk the cows for you

COSTS: We run from Jan 1 to Dec 31. …..2022

  1. Undivided interest in the dairy herd for the lifetime of herdshare          $75  once
  2. Annual dues of                                                                                                  $24/ year   this is a requirement of CA, pays for the incidentals of the farm, chicken feed, paper etc.
  3. Optional delivery charge (milkers agree to take milk to there home and placed in an outdoor fridge, you pay this at the fridge     (determined by delivery person and paid direct to them)
  4. Cost of cow care: Increase due to high gas prices and inflation. In 12 years we have managed to keep our prices low, now we are forced to increase to stay sustainable
  5. this pays for the feed, vet, equipment, cleaning supplies, tractor etc. While you are getting a % of the cow’s production and paying for her care, we adjust it to the amount of milk predicted per week.
  6. 1 gallon per week        $400/6 months  or  $200/3 months
  7. 1/2 gallon per week     $200/6 months  or  $100/3 months

 If you will be only buying As Available, as per CA requirements you will now only be able to purchase with a subscription fee to pay the care of YOUR cows. This fee is $100 plus jar deposit of $3 per jar. You will receive vouchers for 13  jars.

How to become a Herdshare Member

Fill in the farmshare agreement and pay your fees, drop off a copy of your form and your jars at the Copeland Family Farm milk room:

You MUST print and sign a copy of the herdshare agreement prior to getting any milk. Agreements are at the farm or with your delivery person.

You may pay on-line with PayPal but we prefer checks. IF you need a paypal invoice email me at

Herdshare Fee of $75, one time payment. This is for your % share of the milking herd.

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