Our Family Cow Lines: Penny

Penny is a 1/2 Angus and 1/2 Jersey cow we found in Or. Like all our cows, she was tested for Brucellosis, TB, Johnne’s, BLV, BVD and Q fever. She is 9 years old (2021) and bred to Lady’s Man again. Her milk is high butterfat, testing as high as 7.7% at the end of last years lactation. Rich and yellow, her milk is excellent for fresh drinking and often requested by our milk subscribers. We AI’d her to Lady’s Man to start the new Guernsey line (found on other pages). Penny is polled with long teats for easy hand milking. She is also in good flesh on grass fed only and begins each freshening with over 8 gallons a day on once a day milking. At the end of her lactation she is still strong at 3.5 gallons a day.

Lady’s Man

All of Penny’s daughters have friendly dispositions and all of her calves have been polled. This is definitely our top line of daughters to keep and this is only the second line of polled Guernseys we have ever heard of. Her daughters are in the Guernsey Recovery Program. We now have three generations of our money line; and granddaughter Peony will be bred to a polled Guernsey bull from the other polled Guernsey line.

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