What’s for sale at the farm?

We try to make things available on the farm as fresh as possible. We have members that can supply you with goat milk soap, sourdough bread, veggies etc. The members all enjoy a flock of pastured hens that you will see running all over the farm. Eggs are free to members, at this time only one egg per family per week until we can increase the egg production. We are NOT a licensed egg farm, but these are YOUR hens. Bring your own egg cartons, but do NOT bring them in to the milk room, instead take your egg to your car and place in the egg carton or box you brought for that purpose.

So bring your family to join a new movement of families going back to the farm, fulfilling the dreams for their children of “living” on the farm and taking control of their food and how it is produced! NO GMO’s, NO plastic milk jars, and NO antibiotics used in the production of our food!

Grass Finished Beef

Beef: Copeland Family Farm raises grass finished beef humanely, sustainably and organically.  We harvest our beef only at the peak of the grass growing season. NEW: We are now offering our beef by the quarter beef.  YOU decided how you want it cut and wrapped, you pay the butcher for the cut and wrap. 2022 beef: if you have signed up for 2022 beef please put your deposit down, $100 per quarter. We will contact you the week before the beef is to be harvested. The cost will be divided among the buyers.


Cheeses will be offered weekly through the Milk Room as well as cheese making classes and cheese tasting socials. Cheese samples are in the cooler every once in a while as it comes out of the caves. Paula has aged cheeses for sale in the cooler weekly, $12 a wedge. As always, leave your money in the jar with her name on it or Cheese, or cultures.

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